the bev by Black + Decker cocktail maker:
your personal bartender!

Make delicious mixologist-crafted cocktails and mocktails in seconds from the comfort of your home.
Whether you're unwinding on the couch after a long day of work, hosting an intimate dinner party or throwing a blowout backyard BBQ, bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker lets you mix up any occasion with personalized cocktails at the touch of a button. Now, every drink enthusiast can feel like they have their own personal bartender at home.  You decide the Bartesian® cocktail capsule (sold separately), provide the alcohol (also not included), and then let bev by BLACK+DECKER™ take care of the rest!

Note:  Due to this item being of alcoholic nature, the winner of the bev by BLACK + DECKER cocktail maker must be of legal age (21)